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916 Gold Twinkling Line Necklace

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How to Measure Your Necklace Length

Chains vary not only by the type of links, but also by their length and how they are meant to be worn. Although you'll find exceptions, most necklaces fall into one of the categories below:

To measure your desired necklace length:

1. Please use a piece of string to measure the desired length of your necklace.

2. Then, measure the string with a measuring tape or regular ruler.

3. You can also quickly gauge where the necklace will fall by viewing our sizing chart to the side.

4. Please be aware that depending on your body shape and size, necklaces will sit at different locations on your neck and chest.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Necklace Chain Length

The first step is it to learn where different necklace lengths fall on the body for either men or women. This will assist you in choosing which chain length you desire.

Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

Women's necklaces are standardly sold in even-inch lengths. Follow this chart to learn where each necklace length falls on the average woman's body.

Necklace Length Type Metric Conversion (approximate) Position on the Body
Collar 14" = 36cm Close against base of neck
Choker 16" = 40cm Wraps closely around the neck
Standard ( Princess ) 18" = 45cm On the collarbone
Martine 20" = 50cm Between the collarbone and the bust
Martine 24" = 60cm Between the collarbone and the bust
Opera 30" = 76cm On the bust or several centimetres below
Rope 36" = 91cm Wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust

Standard Necklace Lengths for Men

Follow this guide to see where different chain lengths fall on the average size male.

Necklace Length Position on the Body
18" Sits at the base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes).
20" Reaches the collarbone (most common length for average men).
22" Falls a few inches below the collarbone.
24" Reaches just above the sternum.

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