Gold Price
Gold Price
Last Updated : 4/8/2019 10:31:54 AM
MYR / Gram
999 PAMP
* The quoted price is meant for references only. Actual price could fluctuate based on the market price movement. Kindly refer to our retail outlet for the latest price revision.
* The quoted price is excluding of labour charges and other additional services.
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Processing Fee

What is Processing Fee?

An processing fee 2.5% will be charged in subtotal at every single transaction.

Processing fees are what you pay to be able to, well, pay. The fees are charged so that customers are provided with a secure and comfortable mode of payment. It’s also used to maintain online payment systems as well as upgrade, enhance and improve the security features for all payments made online. This is inclusive payment such as credit cards, debit card, and direct debits.

Credit cards have one of the highest processing fees due to the level of security needed, and the amount can increase due to a specific term and condition. This is a shame as using your credit card to make payments comes with a lot of benefits, such as getting rewards points and cash back. But using them will mean getting charged a higher processing fee compared to other forms of payment.