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Chinese Marriage Traditions

Auspicious Blessing

At first glance, Chinese wedding jewellery appears intimidating: big, heavy and aggressively yellow. But despite this, many tasteful modern women wear it with pride on the biggest day of their lives.

The jewellery is traditionally given by the groom’s family as part of the bride price, signifying that the bride is welcome to the fold as a treasured member: it is said that having a woman in your home is like having gold.

The type of jewellery given varies by group: Cantonese and Hakka families give “Dragon and Phoenix Bangles”; Chiu Chow and Hokkien people give the “Four Pieces of Gold,” a set of four items. Elders on both sides will also pass on heirlooms to show the bride how cherished she is.

The sturdiest inheritance is transmitted to future generations

Though the modern jewelry industry has produced new precious gem jewelry, for the traditional Chinese women, gold jewelry is always essential especially girls who are getting married must prepare a set of gold jewelry.

Chinese wedding jewellery is laced with meaning and soaked in culture — it reminds us of who we are. It carries the well-wishes of those dearest to us: hopes and dreams that have been passed from generation to generation.


Popular Chinese wedding jewellery gifts

Dragon & Phoenix Bangles

The divine and righteous dragon is known as the “Ruler of Beasts” while the Phoenix is the “King of Birds,” bringing beauty and prosperity. Together they form the ideal partnership, filled with unity, harmony and balance.

Usually presented by Cantonese or Hakka families during the tea ceremony, the bride might receive multiple pairs of these thick bangles which are stacked on the forearms. The traditional tea ceremony outfit has shortened sleeves specifically designed to show them off.

The dragon flies in circle and looks back at the phoenix, while the phoenix opens its wings and look for the dragon. Dragon and phoenix is a perfect match in Chinese noble culture.

Four Pieces of Gold
( Si Dian Jin )

This Teochew and Hokkien custom comprise a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings presented before the wedding. In current times, some brides may flout tradition and go for two rings and two necklaces instead, or just a single item of a higher value.

The custom originates from the province of Teochew, where traditional houses had roofs with curved corners, resembling the Chinese word for gold (金). The gift of Four Pieces of Gold reassures the bride that she will be well provided for and will always have a roof over her head.


A Special Time for

Double Happiness

The Chinese Double Happiness Symbol is composed of two standard characters that mean happiness. Each half of the symbol is the standard character for happiness, written “喜” and pronounced “Xi” in Mandarin Chinese. Two “喜” graphs together represents the wish for the two young newlyweds to have happiness together.

The double happiness symbol 囍 is a special Chinese character used for marital happiness. Chinese culture believes that “happiness comes in twos” (好事要成双 hǎoshì yào chéng shuāng), and weddings especially follow the auspicious sayings.

囍 is usually used in red, symbolizing luck, joy and propitiousness. It also appears in yellow or gold on a red background, also a festive color for celebrations. Beside the decorations, Chinese weddings involve many symbolic acts and rituals evolved from years of ancient culture, which all combine into a beautiful wedding day experience for the bride and groom.


The pursuit of perfection details

Incorporating contemporary style in a traditional rituals, a pair of meticulously crafted and exquisitely sculpted pure gold bangles add a traditional sensibilities to your modern bridal look.

This golden piece is a combination of tradition and fashion. The designers not only make gold jewelry in dragon image, but also in phoenix image, the queen of all birds. It is the best representative of honor and authority to make jewelry in dragon head and phoenix tail, both of which will bring you wonderful and auspicious life.

Best-wishing Gold Pig

Symbolising Fertility

In China, gold pigs are traditional wedding gifts that symbolize the propitious blessings for happiness, wealth, abundance and fertility. These chubby, cute gold pigs are decorated with auspicious motifs and phrases like dragons, phoenixes, hearts and the Chinese character “double happiness”, wishing the couple a life filled with love and double happiness.

This delicate gold necklace draws inspirations from traditional auspicious wedding pigs – it can be worn as jewellery, as well as displayed at home as recognition of seniors’ blessing.